Wish on a Star

I learned my first origami model in about 4th grade and was completely smitten with the art form. It fascinated me that you could turn a flat sheet of paper into so many wonderful objects. Over the years, I have given away origami models to friends, strangers and children in many different countries. I’ve come to appreciate being able to make a simple gift with nothing more than a sheet of paper.

This is the first time I am selling origami so I picked some lovely designer papers and a fairly complicated model. These stars are based on the Liberty Star design by Ekaterina Lukasheva. They have 6 “modules” and a total of about 180 folds. They have many layers of overlapping paper, which makes them sturdy while still lightweight. I am offering 3 different sets of 2 online. Individual stars in more colors are available at WomanCraft Gifts. You can also email me if you are looking for a particular color. I love special orders!

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