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Materials and Methods

Origami star ornaments in read and white with Vera Bradley Paper

Wish on a Star

I learned my first origami model in about 4th grade and was completely smitten with the art form. It fascinated me that …

Egg with a Zipper!

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. Here is my newest creation. I think it pretty much speaks for itself!

Drained egg

How to clean an emu eggshell

Last fall, our female emu, Mel (short for Melbourne), finally started laying eggs! After 6 years of keeping emus, we were thrilled. …

All about the bases

Figuring out how to make the bases for my lamps was a key stage in the design process. I knew the bases …

Fish Lamp

What’s with the fish?

I’ve mentioned in other blog posts that I was a fisheries volunteer in Peace Corps, but what does that entail? First off, …

Fair trade fabrics

A lot  of the fabric for my lamps comes from clothing my kids have outgrown or that is now unwearable.  It is …